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Food Additives: harmful or not?

There are over three thousand food additives listed in the database of the USFDA and these are usually used in processed foods. They vary from the most usual food ingredients like sugar and salt to the unknown like the acesulfame-potassium along with BHA. These food additives work by keeping the food fresh for a longer time and they add flavor too....
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Are You Familiar with Comfort Foods?

Foods does more than just merely satisfying hungry tummy. Foods are actually comforting to the soul whenever you are stressed out, bored, depressed and unhappy. There are some sort of hunger that comes whenever there is mixed emotions and this is very common these days. It was said that eating because of emotional reasons may comfort the soul and t...
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The Best Foods for the Respiratory System

Poor quality of the air can badly affect humans. It can badly affect the cardio system and the respiratory system as well. People who are exposed to air pollutants and stay outdoors all the time can badly affect the health. The respiratory system is composed of the trachea, lungs, nose and throat. It is mainly to release old air and then inhale fre...
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