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​Are You Working For A Terrible Boss?

Have you ever landed your dream job, only to find out that you will be working for the terrible boss?

Unfortunately, you are not alone. Studies says that three out of four employees report that their boss is the worst and the most stressful part of their job. According to a survey commissioned by Lynn Taylor Consulting, 19.2 hours are wasted each week worrying about what a boss says or does — 13 of which occur during workweek, and 6.2 over the weekend. And 65% of employees would rather take a new boss over a raise! Those are some astonishing statistics.

There seem to be plenty of bad bosses out there. They make you feel miserable in the office. And the stress and anxiety connected with your job often extends into your personal life outside the workplace. A terrible boss doesn't just impact the way you work in the office — they affect your entire life.

Bad bosses are always easy to spot. Here is a list of traits terrible bosses are known for.

1.A bad boss is never wrong
A bad boss will refuses to admit that they're wrong and take any personal accountability. It's always everyone else's fault when something goes wrong, never his. They are not willing to go out of their comfort zone for you. According to him it is his bad luck that he is just surrounded by incompetent people.

2.They over-promise.
A terrible boss will be an untrustworthy boss who may over-promise but not deliver. He may do it just to encourage you to work better, or to avoid an in-depth conversation to acknowledge what you may deserve.

3.Your boss is a micro-manager.
The terrible boss will be a micro-manager. They will want a minute-to-minute detail of every meeting, emails and call. They will like to manage you every minute in the office.

4.They don't want to hear your viewpoint.
The terrible bosses are often stubborn bosses. They will be least interested in hearing your viewpoint. Avoid the temptation to fight the same battles repeatedly and change your argument to find compromise.

5.They gossip.
When co-workers gossip, it's bad. But when your boss gossip, then it's disheartening, awkward and unprofessional. By gossiping and spreading rumors about co-workers, bad bosses create a culture of distrust.

6.They throw tantrums.
Throwing tantrums is a sign of an emotionally immature individual. If your boss raise their voice easily or focus on finding the culprit instead of trying to find a solution to the problem, then you might be working for a terrible, terrible boss. Working with such a person is close to impossible, as you never know how they're going to react, what they're going to say and what they're going to do.

7. Your boss constantly changes their mind.
Does your boss gives you a project to work on and shortly after takes it away and gives you a different one to work on. And all this without consulting you or keeping you in loop. If this sounds like your boss, then you are working for a very terrible boss.

8.Bad bosses lie
A boss who lies is untrustworthy. They are deceptive and show no loyalty or respect. They are willing to say whatever it takes to get what they desire at that moment, without showing any regard for consequences. This is not a good foundation for a productive relationship.

9.They're quick to blame you for mistakes, but rarely express gratitude when you succeed.
Does your boss put you down in front of others?. Good bosses know they should have this conversation with their employees in private.

10.Terrible bosses are arrogant.
An arrogant boss thinks he is better than everyone else. He will leave no chance to display his accomplishments and use every chance to put their employees down.

If are nodding your head while reading this post, then it's time to start searching for a new job. And if by any chance after reading this you realize that maybe, you could be one of those mythical "terrible bosses" – then it may be time to change yourself for with such terrible behavior you are not only harming yourself but also and your business.

Irony is that what terrible bosses don't realize is that your competent employees will go on to do better and greater things, leaving you and your sad leadership skills alone. You will be left with a failed business and no one left to blame but yourself.

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Jessica on Tuesday, 19 January 2016 10:13

OMG, number 9! I had the worst boss ever who would constantly throw me under the bus for all their mistakes. It was so awful.

OMG, number 9! I had the worst boss ever who would constantly throw me under the bus for all their mistakes. It was so awful.
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Tuesday, 20 April 2021
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