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Air Canada : U.S. Cities to Copenhagen, Denmark Roundtrip

​A great deal for you to travel good destination for cheap. Air Canada has round trip flights from various U.S. cities to Copenhagen, Denmark from $389 including all taxes and fees.U.S. Cities available :​Charlotte Detroit Dallas Atlanta Sample Travel Dates : ​Oct 31 - Nov 7, 2017Travel Availability : ​Valid for travel from Ending of October - Begi...
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How To Make Tacos!!! Crispy Beef Taco Recipe

In this tutorial, Hilah shows you how to make Crispy Beef Taco recipe at home. This Crispy Beef Tacos recipe is very spicy and delicious. This recipe is very easy to cook and won't take few minutes to prepare. Serve this main dish with a mixed green salad for a quick-and-tasty weekday meal. You will also get to know about how to make low-...
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DIY: Summer Room Decorations + Ideas for Decorating!!

In this tutorial, Jessica shows you DIy Summer Room Decorations and Ideas for Decorating you room. These DIY Ideas includes DIY Pineapple Decoration, DIY Floating Lanterns etc. They all very easy to craft and won't take you much time. These Room Decor Ideas are very beautiful and will give your room more summery and vibrant look. Also the...
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Air France : Washington D.C. / Boston – Paris, France Roundtrip

​Are you looking for some change in local scenery around you? Would you like to travel Paris for cheap prices?Air France has round trip flights from Washington D.C./ Boston to Paris, France from $495 including all taxes and fees.Sample Travel Date - Washington D.C :August 22nd – 29thFare Availability :Valid for travel on the outbound from...
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Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups

In this tutorial, Sarah shows you how to cook Bacon Eggs & Toast Cups recipe at home. This classic American breakfast is really easy to make and tastes very delicious. They are perfect to make as breakfast for family or friends that may be visiting. These cups are great served solo, or you can whip up a simple green salad. Also this b...
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Summer Nights Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, Amanda shows you how to do Summer Nights Makeup. This makeup look is easy to do and looks glamorous and beautiful. It is perfect look for summer and perfect for going out for evening party or date. This is a really easy makeup tutorial that will give you the perfect faux glow. Credits : YouTube, Amanda Ensing​

China Airlines : Los Angeles to Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City Roundtrip

A great deal for travelers to visit Vietnam. China Airlines has round trip flights from Los Angeles to Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from $544 including all taxes and fees.Sample Travel Dates - Ho Chi Minh City :​Aug 28th - Sept 11th 2017Travel Availability : ​Valid for travel outbound from End of  August  - End of  Sep...
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Homemade Chili Recipe

​In this tutorial, Laura shows you how to cook Chili recipe at home. The smoky, complex flavor of this simple vegetarian chili comes from basic pantry ingredients, vegetables and spices. This Chili recipe is very delicious and spicy. This great chili recipe is perfect to make for lunch for friends meet, family or  casual ge...
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DIY Mustache: Cute Printed Sweaters or T-shirts

In this tutorial, Ann shows you how to make DIY Mustache & Cute Printed Sweaters or T-shirts. This is a great cute gift idea and a super easy DIY project to make at home. They all look very cute, stylish and looks cool. You can wear them for going out  or rock them at home. All these easy DIY Sweaters and T-shirts ...
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United : Newark – Bangkok, Thailand Roundtrip

​If you haven't traveled to any good destination from long time then here is a great deal for you. United Airlines has round trip flights from Newark to Bangkok, Thailand from $617 including all taxes and fees.Sample Travel Date :July 27th – August 3rdFare Availability :Valid for travel on the outbound in late July for Monday through Thursday depar...
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