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All Nippon Airways : U.S. Cities – Bangkok & Kuala Lumpur & Tokyo Roundtrip

 A great deal for travelers to visit Asian cities. WOW Airlines has round trip flights from various U.S. cities to Bangkok / Kuala Lumpur / Tokyo from $358 including all taxes and fees.Los Angeles  – $358Chicago  – $460New York / Newark  – $430San Francisco  – $480Washington D.C.  – $510Sample Travel Dates :Octobe...
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How to Make Potato Salad | EASY & HEALTHY RECIPE

In this tutorial, Olga shows you how to make Potato Salad recipe at home. This Potato Salad recipe is made with homemade mayonnaise and steamed red potatoes for extra nutrition. This recipe is super delicious and taste is absolutely mouthwatering. It's perfect to serve at a holiday party, bbq, or a picnic. It is very easy to mak...
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Swiss : New York – Belgrade, Serbia Roundtrip

A great deal for travelers to visit Serbia at cheap price. Swiss Airlines has round trip flights from New York to Belgrade, Serbia starting from $544 per person. This price is inclusive of all taxes and fees.Sample Travel Date:September 18th – 25thFare Availability:Valid for travel on the outbound from September – early December. Must purchase at l...
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DIY Room Decor Ideas For Teens! Cute, Cheap & Easy!

​In this tutorial, Remi shows you DIY Room Decor Ideas to try at home. These DIYs includes Floral Door Decor, Tie-Dye Pillow, Glitter Mason Jars, Accessory Tray, Canvas Art and Chalkboard Art. They all looks very cute and amazingly adorable. Also they are very easy to craft and not much expensive. These are perfect for your room to revamp...
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Pourable Pizza- Pourable Pizza Dough Recipe

In this recipe, John shows you how to prepare Pourable Pizza recipe at home. ​This pizza recipe is very easy to prepare and tastes super delicious. ​You can make this easy Homemade Pizza for your next main course- Lunch or Dinner. Also it won't need much time to prepare and liked by all especially kids.​​Credits : YouTube, Food Wishes

United : Los Angeles – Amsterdam, Netherlands Roundtrip

​Are you looking for some change in local scenery around you? Would you like to travel Amsterdam for cheap price?United Airlines has round trip flights from Los Angeles to Amsterdam from $402 including all taxes and fees. Sample Travel Date :October 30th – November 6thFare Availability :Valid for travel on the outbound from late October – earl...
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Marinated Grilled Chicken Recipe

In this tutorial, Diane shows you how to prepare Marinated Grilled Chicken recipe at home. This Marinated Grilled Chicken is a healthy and simple chicken recipe. It is super delicious in taste and very easy to prepare. Also it is perfect to make for a quick and easy dinner. It won't take you much time to prepare this recipe and also bound to i...
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Highlighted & Bronzed - Minimal Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, Jaclyn shows you how to do Highlighted & Bronzed Minimal Makeup. This is a great makeup look when you're going for a more simple and not overdone tutorial. This makeup tutorial is glamorous and perfect going out look or you can wear this for a date night or prom. Also it is very easy to create this look. Credit...
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Eurowings : Seattle – Berlin, Germany Roundtrip

​A great deal for travelers to visit Berlin at cheap. Eurowings has round trip flights from Seattle to Berlin, Germany from $521 including all taxes and fees.Sample Travel Date :August 15th – 22ndFare Availability :Valid for travel from mid August – September. Must purchase at least 28 days in advance of departure.Book Here : EurowingsCredits : The...
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High-waisted Shorts with Pockets Tutorial

In this tutorial, April shows you how to make a High Waisted Shorts with Pockets at home. High waisted shorts are a spring summer essential. They are very easy to make and looks pretty cool. Also they are not much expensive like the ones available in clothing stores. You can use any material but stretchy material will give best outcome. C...
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