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Easy + Yummy DIY Spring Treats!

In this video, Niki and Gabi shows you how to make EASY and YUMMY Spring Treats. You'll get to learn how to make homemade donuts, ice-cream cupcakes, and lemonade. These are easy, quick & just adorable treats perfect for Spring time. Enjoy these DIY ideas to substitute for popular junk foods.

Los Angeles / San Francisco - Germany roundtrip

Do you want some change in local scenery and want to go on vacation? Would you like to travel Germany at very low and affordable prices?Air Berlin Airlines brings you a good sale offer of Los Angeles / San Francisco- Germany round trip starting at $455 including all taxes.LA/SF- Dusseldorf $455LA/SF- Hamburg $470LA/SF- Berlin $476LA/SF- Munich $483...
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DIY Clothes! DIY 5 T-Shirt Crafts

In this DIY  clothes tutorial, Sara shows you 5 amazing T-shirt projects and outfits. These easy crafty fashionable shirts are perfect for summer. You can wear them to school or rock them at home. If you like easy DIY crafts then these T Shirt cutting ideas are perfect for you. So let's recycle, revamp or renovate...
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Washington D.C. – San Juan, Puerto Rico roundtrip

​Do you want some change in local scenery? Would you like to go San Juan, Puerto Rico at very low price?American Airlines has a good offer of Washington D.C - San Juan, Puerto Rico round trip at just $245 including all taxes.Sample Travel Date:July 8th – 11thFare Availability:Valid for travel until September. Availability is limited. Must purchase ...
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Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial

In this video, Lauren shows you how to achieve a natural, soft and pretty makeup look for prom.This makeup is little more wearable for those who don't like wearing much makeup. This is a really easy makeup tutorial that will let your skin breathe while giving you the perfect faux glow.Credits ; YouTube, Lauren Curtis

New York to Chicago/Dallas Roundtrip

Are you looking for a good deal to take some time off and go on vacation? Would you like to go Chicago/ Dallas at very low price?​American Airlines brings a very good sale offer of New York to Chicago/Dallas round trip  at just $70. Price is inclusive of taxes.Sample Travel Date:Sample to ChicagoSeptember 17th – 20thFare Availability: Val...
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DIY crafts: BRACELETS recycling plastic bottles

In this tutorial, Innova Crafts shows you how to make bracelets recycling plastic bottles. If you are looking for how to make a bracelet from a recycled plastic bottle, you will like this video tutorial. It is very easy to do and leave a lot of space for your fantasy. It's very easy and useful. For DIY bracelet from re...
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Dallas / Raleigh – Madrid / Barcelona / London roundtrip

​​Have you been too much at work and want a break? Would you like to travel Spain or England?Delta brings you very good sale of Spain and England :Madrid [MAD] – $458Barcelona [BCN] – $453London [LHR] – $583Sample Travel Date:Sample from Dallas to MadridSeptember 26th – October 3rdFare Availability:Valid for travel on the outbound from late Septemb...
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In today's video, Nikki  shows you some healthy dinner recipes.  They are  all delicious and easy recipes, including pesto & lemon potato salad that is a healthy salad recipe you should try out. These will helps those of you who have been struggling with ideas. Feel  free to ...
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Simple Summer Glow Makeup Tutorial

In this video tutorial, Koleen have created this affordable summer makeup using drugstore products. This is a great makeup look when you're going for a more simple and not overdone tutorial. This makeup look isn't anything special but it will help some of you out there. This makeup tutorial is super easy and lightweight so it is perfect for the war...
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