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Summer Nights Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, Amanda shows you how to do Summer Nights Makeup. This makeup look is easy to do and looks glamorous and beautiful. It is perfect look for summer and perfect for going out for evening party or date. This is a really easy makeup tutorial that will give you the perfect faux glow. Credits : YouTube, Amanda Ensing​

DIY Mustache: Cute Printed Sweaters or T-shirts

In this tutorial, Ann shows you how to make DIY Mustache & Cute Printed Sweaters or T-shirts. This is a great cute gift idea and a super easy DIY project to make at home. They all look very cute, stylish and looks cool. You can wear them for going out  or rock them at home. All these easy DIY Sweaters and T-shirts ...
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10 EASY School Hairstyles! Short & Long

In this tutorial, Chelsea shows you 10 Easy School Hairstyles for short and long hair. All these hairstyles are super easy and unique. These hairstyles looks great and can be done on both types of hair whether short or long. They are perfect for school or college teenagers and also won't required much time. Also they won't need much time ...
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Mauve/ Purple Monochromatic Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, Kathleen shows you how to do Mauve/ Purple Monochromatic Makeup tutorial. This makeup tutorial looks very beautiful and adorable. It is very easy to get this makeup look and won't require much time. This look can be worn for going out on date or party. Also it is a perfect make up look that you can do for summer and spring.​Credi...
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DIY T-Shirt Ideas

In this tutorial, Meg shows you DIY T-Shirt Ideas to make at home. These DIY T-Shirt Ideas looks very stylish and beautiful. They are very easy to craft  and won't need much time of yours. Best part of this DIY is that sewing is not required in any of the ideas. They are perfect for make for summer and You can wear them to school or rock ...
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How To: 4 Quick & Easy Hairstyles

In this tutorial, Zoella shows you how to do 4 Quick & Easy hairstyles. These all hairstyles are very easy to make and looks very cute & adorable. They are perfect for teenagers for school or college. Also the hairstyles can be done on all types of hair whether it is short hair, long hair or wavy hair. Also they don...
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Kylie Jenner Make Up Tutorial

In this tutorial, Nicola shows you how to do Kylie Jenner Inspired Make Up Tutorial. This makeup look is pretty adorable and can be worn as everyday look. It is perfect look glamorous for summer and perfect for going out for evening party or date. It is very easy to do and you will get hang of it soon. Also it won't take you much time and will make...
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DIY T-Shirts for Summer! Tumblr Inspired!

In this tutorial, Alisha shows you make DIY T-Shirts for summer inspired by Tumblr. These DIY T-Shirt Ideas are easy to craft and takes only few minutes. They are colorful, vibrant and looks amazingly beautiful. You can wear them to school or rock them at home. All these easy DIY T-shirts are fashionable and perfect for summer. Also they are inexpe...
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Mermaid GLITTER Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, Nikkie shows you how to do Mermaid Glitter Smokey Eyes makeup. This Mermaid glitter smokey eyes makeup is perfect for prom or a night out. This look is easy to create and looks beautiful. This makeup tutorial is glamorous and also perfect for summer time. This look  will also be great for beginners and work for...
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Knotted Loop Waterfall Braid Hairstyle | Hair Tutorial

In this tutorial, Nee shows you how to create Knotted Loop Waterfall Braid Hairstyle. It will work on medium to long hair but make sure that your hair is tangle-free use water/gel if you need to tame the flyaways. This hairstyle is easy to create and looks pretty adorable and beautiful. This hairstyle can be dressed up for proms, weddings...
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