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High-waisted Shorts with Pockets Tutorial

In this tutorial, April shows you how to make a High Waisted Shorts with Pockets at home. High waisted shorts are a spring summer essential. They are very easy to make and looks pretty cool. Also they are not much expensive like the ones available in clothing stores. You can use any material but stretchy material will give best outcome. C...
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Dramatic Summer Night makeup tutorial!

In this tutorial, Shanalee shows you how to get Dramatic Summer Night makeup look. This makeup tutorial is perfect for a Date night or any Night out for summer time. Also It is glamorous and looks amazingly beautiful. This look is very easy to do and also it won't take you much time. This is a really easy makeup tutorial th...
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Simple Sweetheart Top Tutorial

In this tutorial, April shows you how to make a Simple Sweetheart Top at home. This Sweetheart Top looks very beautiful and also inexpensive. While crafting, use stretchy material because it's the easiest and good to use for summer tops & dresses but you can opt for other materials if you want. It involves sewing but you will get...
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DIY Mini Backpack From Scratch

In this tutorial, Wendy shows you how to make DIY Mini Backpack from Scratch. This DIY Mini  Backpack is very popular and it is used for school, university, camping and other activities. Though it involves mostly sewing but you can use glue method also. It looks super cool and will help you get excited for school and get you ready in...
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Everyday Summer Makeup in UNDER 10 MINS!

​In this tutorial, Carli shows you how to do Everyday Summer Makeup in just 10 Minutes. This is a makeup tutorial for women who are busy and need a quick yet elegant makeup look for the summer. It looks very adorable and easy to do. Also this look is suitable for every day, date night or whenever you want a pretty and natural makeup look....
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DIY: 5 Ways To Transform Your T-shirts

In this tutorial, April shows you 5 ways to Transform your old T-shirts. These Ideas are very easy to craft and you can revamp or renovate your old shirts with any of these techniques. These easy clothes styles are perfect for summer or for school, for teenagers or adults, basically for every DIY fashion enthusiast. Also these i...
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ULTRA GLAM Special Occasion Makeup

In this tutorial, Lauren shows you how to do Ultra Glam Special Occasion Makeup. This is a super glam and dramatic makeup look which is perfect for any special occasion like Wedding, Prom etc. A combination of a smokey eye with a touch of gold and the classic bold red lip. This makeup look is very easy to do and looks adorable. Credits : ...
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DIY: Long Sleeve Shirts into Skirts (No Sewing)

In this tutorial, Ally shows you how to transform Long Sleeve Shirts into Skirts. This Skirt DIY is very easy to do and also looks very cute. This DIY idea involves no sewing and also won't take you much time to craft it. You can wear it to going out with friends or for a trip. Credits : YouTube, FashionByAlly​

3 Cute & Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium to Long Hair

In this tutorial, Nee shows you how how to create 3 cute & easy Lace Braid hairstyles that are perfect for summer. These braids can be dressed up or down for proms, weddings, bridesmaids, flower girls etc. These hairstyles are easy to do and looks pretty adorable. They can be done with Medium or Long hair. You can curl your hair ...
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Classic Bombshell Smokey Eye

In this tutorial, Jaclyn shows you how to do Classic Bombshell Smokey Eye makeup look. This glossy smokey eye is perfect for the club or a night out. It is very easy to create and looks fabulous. Also it requires few minutes to get this look.  It is very silver and shimmery, but you can customize it to your liking. Credits : YouTube,...
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