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3 DIYS to Make Cute New Clothes from Old Tees!

In this DIY fashion tutorial, Lauren shows how to create 3 new cloth projects out of those old t-shirts that you've been hoarding in that drawer you never open. She shows easy step by step ideas in this clothes tutorial. All of them extremely fashionable and perfect for spring or summer!​Credits : YouTube, LaurDIY

Eyeliner Tutorial 6 Styles - MakeUp Tutorial | ShowMe MakeUp

​In this Tutorial, Shonagh shows 6 ways to wear eyeliner! You can adapt these looks to suit your eye shape. You can use liquid liner, gel liner, cream liner or even cake liner. It's completely up to you whichever you prefer. These styles are easy to make even if you are a beginner.​Credits : YouTube, Shonagh Scott​

DIY Clothes! 5 DIY T Shirt Projects

In this DIY clothes tutorial Sara shows 5 DIY Projects on how to transform plain t shirt into beautiful shirt or top. Easily recycle, revamp or renovate your old shirts with any of these techniques. 5 t-shirt cutting ideas are showen with 5 different T Shirt designs. These easy clothes styles are perfect for summer or for s...
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Pro Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

In this "PRO MAKEUP TUTORIAL" Kasey going to show you how to achieve a makeup look that will have you feeling like a pro makeup artist. Makeup is a great way of expressing yourself. This look is super easy and will be great for beginners. The steps she chose are super simple and effortless to recreate.​Credits : YouTube, Still​

Full Face Drugstore Makeup Tutorial & Affordable Brushes

​​In this makeup tutorial, Kathleen shows you how to get super romantic and sultry makeup look using all drugstore products. This makeup is not too smokey but it's enough to make you feel good on your big day. Feel free to wear it anytime/any day even if you're not getting married.​Credits : YouTube, KathleenLights

DIY Clothes! Cut Up Back T-Shirt for Summer

​​Bored of your old t-shirt and want to change it? Chill this summer with cut up back T-shirt idea. In this tutorial, Leila Ramos shows you how to revamp your old tees into trendy T-shirt. It is easy to make. All you need is a scissor and some creativity.​Credits : YouTube, Leila Ramos' World - DIY Fashion Beauty Life Fun! 

10 Easy Phone DIY Projects (Case, Pouch & More)

Are you bored of your cellphone's old look and want to change it? In this DIY phone tutorial, Sara shows how to decorate phone case, phone pouch and headphones. With these fashion ideas, you can make your cell phone look cool and unique. You can also make some of these DIY phone ideas and give it as a gift to...
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3 DIY Shoes Projects (DIY Sneakers, Boots, Fashion & More)

DIY Shoes is a new episode in SaraBeautyCorner's DIY clothes projects series! This DIY shoes tutorial is all about shoes makeover. You'll learn how to give new life to your old shoes from plain to amazing new shoes using three easy techniques. Sara will also show different shoelace designs. These projects are very easy and simple to make,...
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QUICK & EASY 5 Greasy Hair Tutorials

​In this article, you will get to see how to get greasy hair looks. I've been having a lot of greasy hair days recently. They are super (duper) quick and easy to do​Credits : YouTube, Kaushal Beauty