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DIY T-shirt into Peplum Top

In this tutorial, April shows you how to transform a T-shirt into Peplum Top. This Peplum top is easy to craft and looks adorable. Also it is inexpensive to make and will take few minutes. It is fun to make and also fashionable and perfect for spring or summer. You can also make it for friend as a gift. You will need some items like a lar...
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My Spring Everyday Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, Tanya shows you how to do Spring Everyday Makeup Tutorial. It is an easy everyday make up look that you can do for summer and spring. It is looks pretty adorable and can be worn as everyday look. This makeup is easy simple and quick and you will look like a better version of yourself in minutes. ​Credits : YouTube, Tanya Burr

Easy and Quick DIY T Shirts Inspired by Tumblr

In this tutorial, Eva shows you Easy and Quick DIY T-shirt ideas inpired by Tumblr. These DIY T-shirts includes a Tie-Die T-shirt, a Pineapple Graphic T-shirt, an Elbow Patch Sweatern, a Pocket T-shirt  and Braided Crop Top. All these DIYs are very easy to make and looks beautiful. You can revamp or renovate your old shirts & clo...
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The ULTIMATE All Occasion Makeup Look For Everyone

In this tutorial, Lisa shows you how to do Ultimate All Occasion makeup look. This All Occasion makeup look is beautifully soft, flawless and feminine look that is perfect for any occasion whether going out for party, Office or any other occasion . It is very easy & simple to create and can be worn as everyday look.Credits : YouTube, Lisa Eldr...
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Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes

In this tutorial, Sona shows you how to do Makeup tutorial for Brown Eyes. This look is very simple and easy to create. It can be worn to any occasion or even on the go. This is a look that will also work well when you're working on someone with amber eyes. It looks so beautiful and also need not much time of yours. Credits : YouTube, Sona Gasparia...
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Fresh and Flirty Everyday Natural Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, Nikkie shows you how to get Fresh and Flirty Everyday Natural Makeup look. It is an easy everyday make up look that you can do for summer and spring. This is a really easy makeup tutorial that will let your skin breathe. It is very easy to create this look and looks pretty adorable. This makeup is especially for&nbs...
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4 Ways To Transform Your Tank Top

​In this tutorial, April shows you 4 ways to transform your tank top. These easy clothes styles are perfect for summer or for school, for teenagers or adults, basically for every DIY fashion enthusiast. Using these different ways you can transform your Old clothes into something new and fashionable. They all are adorable and looks amazingly beautif...
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Sultry & Sophisticated Evening Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, Lauren shows you how to get Sultry & Sophisticated Evening look. This makeup looks very glamorous and mature. This is a really easy makeup tutorial that will give you the  glow paired with a stunning matte dark red lips. It is perfect for going out for evening party or date. You can also wear this look during daytime...
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15 Heatless Hairstyles for SHORT hair BACK TO SCHOOL

In this tutorial, Laura shows you how 15 Heatless Hairstyles for short hair. These heatless hairstyles are unique and easy to do. They all are perfect to do for school or college  going teenagers. The best part of these hairstyles is that you don't need to do damage to your hair with heat. They all looks super cute and adorable....
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Bronzed Nude Summer Makeup Look

​In this tutorial, Zoella shows you how to do Bronzed Nude Summer Makeup look. This makeup look is perfect for those who want to look more tan and glowy for the summer time. It is very easy to do even for beginners and won't requires much time. This makeup look is amazingly beautiful and looks fabulous. You can wear this look for any...
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