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​In this tutorial, Gillian shows you 10 DIY Room Decor ideas. These DIY's are all really easy, quick, cheap and affordable to make which is perfect. These DIYs include a DIY Sprinkles Cupcake Candle, a really fun and easy DIY glitter alarm clock, a DIY Bright and Easy Sprinkles Cushion / Pillow, DIY Painted Pots, DIY Pineapple Pot, D...
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Spring Rosy & Glowy Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, Koleen shows you how to do Spring Rosy & Glowy Makeup look. This Fresh Spring Makeup tutorial is minimal and fresh. It is looks pretty and can be worn as everyday look. This makeup tutorial is glamorous and also perfect for spring. It is neutral look so you could wear it with anything. It is easy to do and also didn'...
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In this tutorial, Maphie shows you how to make a DIY Liquid Glitter Mail Polish Phone case. This DIY is super easy to do and super fun for personalize. With this DIY idea, you can make your cell phone look cool and unique. It is  easy to make and also will not cost you much. You can also make this  DIY Liquid...
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In this tutorial, Lauren shows you how to do Smokey Eye Makeup for Beginners with Eyebrow Routine. This Smokey Eye Makeup look is very easy to do especially for beginners. It makes eyes appear bigger and more elongated. You can wear it to any event like party, date night or prom night. Also there is an Eyebrow Routine which ...
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Mermaid Tail Braid Hairstyle Hair Tutorial

in this tutorial, Nee shows you how to do Mermaid Tail Braid Hairstyle. This Mermaid Tail Braid hairstyle is perfect for summer. It is so beautiful and it looks like it would take hours to do, but it is so simple and easy. If you prefer to not use bobby pins, you could lace the braids together with ribbon, or even a strand of your ow...
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Wearable GLOWY Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, Nikkie shows you how to do Wearable Glowy Soft Glam Makeup. This Soft Glam Makeup tutorial is perfect look glamorous for summer. You can wear this makeup look for a summer party or night out. It is very easy to do and you will get hang of it soon. This Makeup look is pretty amazing and will make you look like a luminous glowi...
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DIY T-Shirt Ideas Inspired By Tumblr | Easy & Cute Tumblr Shirts

​In this tutorial, Meg shows you DIY T-shirt Ideas to make. These easy crafty fashionable shirts are perfect for summer. You can wear them to school or rock them at home. They all are inspired by Tumblr and looks pretty awesome. These DIY T-shirt ideas are easy to make and will take few minutes to craft. ​Credits : YouTube, MayBaby

Running Late Hairstyles

​In this tutorial, Mimi shows you how to do different Running Late Hairstyles. These easy hairstyles are perfect for when you are running late. This hair tutorial will have you out the door in no time. These styles work with both curly and straight hair. They all are easy to do and will take just few minutes of your time. Also they all look decent ...
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DIY crafts: PENDANT (hot glue) EASY

In this tutorial, Innova shows you how to make a DIY Hot Glue Pendant at home. This Hot Glue pendant is very easy to make and looks amazingly beautiful. This easy DIY pendant is a perfect gift for your best friend or girlfriend or just make it for yourself. This pendant can add bright shining vintage accent whenever you wear it. You can make differ...
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Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial - Feminine & Glowing

In this tutorial, Jaclyn shows you how to do Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial. This is a super girly and soft look for those of you who don't want to do anything too dramatic on Valentine's Day. This Makeup look is something that every woman can wear without feeling over the top but glam enough for whatever the special occasion. Its is perfect for b...
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