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1 Minute DIY : Olive Oil + Honey Mask

​In this tutorial, Michelle shows how to make face mask with Olive Oil and Honey. This is a simple facial mask that you can make at home with stuff in your kitchen. Olive Oil has been used  to hydrate the skin and also brings down inflammation. This mask is perfect to nourish and rejuvenate your skin.​Credits : YouTube, Michelle...
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Contour and Highlight PRO - Make Up Tutorial

​In this tutorial, Melissa shows you how to Contour and Highlight in Makeup. This is an easy highlight and contouring makeup tutorial you can do at home. Contouring can be a really fun and artistic way to sculpt your face. If you wanted to know how to fake, great cheekbones, then this tutorial is perfect for you.Credits : Y...
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Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial

​In this tutorial, Michelle shows you how to create Angelina Jolie inspired makeup look. Its a super easy feline neutral smokey eye. She usually used matte shadows on her eyes and her cat eye liner is more focused to the outer half of her eye. This is a great technique to open up your eyes and make your eyes look bigger. Th...
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DIY: Lipstick out of CRAYONS!

​In this video, Sofia shows you how to make DIY Lipstick out of Crayons. These are inexpensive DIY Lipstick and easy to make. You can also mix two or three different colors together to yield a more personalized shade. You can make them with non toxic crayons so you don't have to worry about side effects. You can wear these lipsticks for h...
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DIY Friendship Bracelets. 5 Easy DIY Bracelet Projects

​In this DIY tutorial,  Sara shows you 5 beautiful, easy friendship bracelet designs and projects, perfect for beginners. These DIY bracelets are really easy, simple, and I show how to make them step by step. You can use any color you would like to make these bracelets to match your outfit, so these bracelets...
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Fresh & Very Glowy Skin makeup tutorial

In this tutorial, Kathleen shows you how to get fresh and very glowy looking makeup. It's so simple to create​ and minimal makeup look that can be worn on the everyday.​ This would also be perfect as pool party makeup or any summer event where you want to look a little glamCredits : YouTube, KathleenLights​

5 Ways to Wear 1 Scarf

In this Tutorial, Michelle shows you 5 different ways to wear a scarf. Scarves can be worn and utilized in so many different ways whether for Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter. These ideas are perfect and easy to make. All you have to do is drape it right.Credits : YouTube, Michelle Phan

How to make ANY lipstick MATTE

In this tutorial, Alexandra shows you how to make any lipstick matte. It is fast and easy to make and saves tons of money and even leaves you with some extra space in the lipstick drawers. Matte lips are so perfect for any makeup look. It requires hardly any effort and gives your lipstick a matte effect.​Credits : YouTube, AlexandrasGirlyTalk​

Quick and Easy Summer DIY Clothes

​In this Video tutorial, Eva shows DIY clothes ideas for summer perfect for fashionable teenagers, kids. DIY clothes for summer includes hacks on how to recycle your old jeans, shirts into new amazing crafts. These ideas are easy to make and you don't need to spend a lot of money. All you need are some old clothes, some creativity and a bit of time...
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DIY Peel Off Makeup Tattoos!

​In this tutorial, Rachel shows you how to make DIY peel off makeup tattoos. Peel off makeup has been super popular lately. These DIY makeup ideas are easy and fun to make. You can wear these makeup tattoos for party or any big event. All you need is glue and some food coloring.Credits : YouTube, Rclbeauty101​