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Are You Familiar with Comfort Foods?

Foods does more than just merely satisfying hungry tummy. Foods are actually comforting to the soul whenever you are stressed out, bored, depressed and unhappy. There are some sort of hunger that comes whenever there is mixed emotions and this is very common these days. It was said that eating because of emotional reasons may comfort the soul and the mind as well, thus emotional eating comes in the picture. When do you find yourself munching foods to satisfy your feelings instead of your tummy? There are certain foods that can make anyone feel better amidst depression, loneliness, boredom and stress.


Pizza is number one in the list, because it can really make an unhappy person happy. Though it is loaded with calories, a slice of pizza with cheese and your favorite toppings can really comfort anyone anytime. This is one of the best snacks anytime of the day, most especially during weekends while having a movie marathon.

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes can actually comfort the soul whenever someone is down. Mashed potatoes are best with milk, cream and chicken broth for that flavorfully soft and delish texture. Some add cottage cheese for added flavor and it is also the best choice for those counting their calories.


Eggs are so versatile; you can boil them, fry them, scramble them and poach them too. Eggs can help in making you feel better during odd times. Eggs are easy to cook and it is the best choice for hungry tummy too. It can go along with rice, with salad and with bread as well. Scrambled eggs with milk are just one of the best.

Ice cream

There is nothing better than having a scoop of your favorite brand and flavor of ice cream. Ice cream can absolutely lift anyone’s spirit and it can really make anyone smile even amidst troubles and depression. Though it can give you a sugar rush but, that does not matter anymore as long as you will feel better after a scoop. Probably, a spoonful of ice cream is just what you need to feel good after a tiring day.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is just perfect with a banana and toasted bread. It is just the best comfort food available anytime and anywhere. Peanut butter sandwich is best with a cup of cold milk. With this combination your sanity will surely come back.

Fried chicken

Regardless if it is home cooked or from your favorite fast-food chain, fried chicken is absolutely considered as a comfort food. It is perfect with a mashed potato and it can be eaten with rice or with bread too.

French fries

Who doesn’t know about French fries? Even people who are not stressed and down eat French fries to uplift their spirit and to be able to unwind even just for a while. This quick meal can make anyone happy and satisfied as well.

Seeking comfort in foods may be troublesome, especially for those who are having problems with weight gain, but be sure to eat a balance diet as well and not just depend on comfort foods, so your overall health will not be compromised.

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Friday, 30 October 2020
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