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Food Additives: harmful or not?

There are over three thousand food additives listed in the database of the USFDA and these are usually used in processed foods. They vary from the most usual food ingredients like sugar and salt to the unknown like the acesulfame-potassium along with BHA. These food additives work by keeping the food fresh for a longer time and they add flavor too. Even if some of them are considered safe within a specified amount, some of the additives can cause negative side effects on health. In this article, you will discover some of the food additives commonly visible in foods you eat.


This is an artificial sweetener that is sweeter than two hundred times compared to a regular sugar. It is commonly used in baked goodies, diet sodas, sugar free gums, mouthwash and in some toothpaste. The Center for Science in the Public Interest suggests people to avoid Acesulfame-K, because there are animals tested for it and the result showed that it can cause cancer and it can badly affect the thyroid as well. Consuming it for over ten years can contribute to the development of tumors in the urinary tract.


This is another type of artificial sweetener that can be found in over six thousand products in the market today. It has been linked with cancer. Using it extensively may cause cancer due to carcinogen build up, so there are studies that call for immediate action of regulating agencies to recheck the use of aspartame in foods to replace regular sugar.

Food coloring

A lot of foods for kids like candies and gelatin desserts along with sodas are brightly colored and they were made using chemicals that must be avoided. These chemicals include food colorings like Blue 1, Red 3 & Blue 2 that were linked to cancer in an animal study, while Red 40 is linked with allergies. Yellow 5 however is linked with hyperactivity in kids, while yellow 6 can cause kidney tumors and adrenal gland tumors in animals according to a study. There are food additives like caramel coloring that provides color to products like beer, baked goodies, choco products & sauces as well and it contains 2 compounds like 2-methylimidazole & 4-methylimidazole, both of these are known to cause cancer in animals.

Chemical anti-oxidant

Chemical anti-oxidants like butylated hydroxyanisole or TBHQ are added to veggie oils and fried foods like potato chips. They hinder the rancidity in fats and in oils and then prolong the life of the processed foods. These food additives might be linked with cancer in an experimental studies and the Center for Science in the Public Interest asks the people to limit eating foods with these chemical content.

Hydrogenated fats or manmade fats

Hydrogen creates butterlike food ingredient known as partially hydrogenated veggie oil that contains trans fats. Trans fats may elevate the danger of cardio diseases and fatality because of heart attacks over saturated fats. When buying foods, you need to read the food labels and do not buy foods that contain hydrogenated veggie oils. Are you familiar with Olestra? Well, this is a manmade fat that provides fried foods like potato chips with the taste and the look of a regular chip without adding up calories. This is because this is not actually digested by the body. It may cause abdominal cramps, loose bowel movement and other severe problems.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021
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