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As a member, everyone gets to participate in our community. However, if you would like to post articles, please send us an e-mail through our contact us page to get approved.

Post via e-mail

You can post unlimited articles on your own but if online editor and format settings are not your cup of tea, we offer following plans:   

Post 4 standard articles via e-mal per month : Free

Post 8 standard articles via e-mail per month : (buy us a coffee) $5 per month*

Post 20 standard articles via e-mail per month : (buy us lunch) $15 per month*

Post 30 standard articles via e-mail per month : (buy us dinner) $25 per month*

Post 8 articles a month | 5 USD
Post 20 articles a month | 15 USD
Post 30 articles a month | 25 USD

* We define standard article as one with 500 word limit and one intro image and one image within an article. If the e-mailed article is longer or has more images than standard article, we will charge additional post via e-mail article limit in increments of 500 words. The paid plans include the free articles limit per month. We do not proofread the articles for accuracy or errors including spelling and grammatical mistakes. It is writer's responsibility to provide us the credits link to the pictures and images. Most of the images that populate via google search are copyrighted so should not be used in your articles without the written consent of the original content owner. In any case, proper credit should be given by linking to the source. If we receive any complaint, we will approach you to rectify it and/or remove the copyrights content (including the article itself). We will try to publish the articles ASAP. Sometimes, depending upon workload, it can take us up to 48 hours after receipt of article to publish the article received via e-mail.

Please note that we do not have a refund policy. You can try our service by using the free article posting via e-mail service. Under no circumstances a refund will be issued. Each user is allocated 100mb of storage space for pictures for free. Our paying members can request extra storage space.