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Get larger

Audience for your blog

Than you would on your own
Audience for your blog

Generate a following

Engage with your audience

Attract sponsors and make money
Engage with your audience

Deep thinker?

Share your wisdom

Make ordinary things seem extraordinary
Share your wisdom

Bored of Studying?

Share your knowledge with others

And learn from others what you don't know
Share your knowledge with others


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Zero hosting costs, web deveopment and maintenance costs when you use our platform

Leave all your SEO and SEF troubles to us

Get larger audience for your blog than you would on you own

Post via e-mail: Save your time and just e-mail the articles that you need posted under your name.



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Mobile First Design

Read or write on the go. Fully responsive layout and mobile app is under development.


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Make Money

Insert Google AdSense on your community profile page and make money by displaying Google ads*

Insert ads as images within your article**

Get paid for the ads inserted within your articles as images or sliders by us***

Host private events and charge for attendance****

Get large following and attract sponsorors for your Blog page

Write advetorials or sponsored posts on your Blog articles (please declare in the article that it is a sponsored post)

Use profile image of your community page to show advertisements

Participate in contests and win prizes

Get noticed by employers and find a better job


adult-84478 640Share your passion 

Tell others what you know and learn from others what you don't


* You have to get the API code from Google and the approval or rejection is up to Google. This feature is meant for bloggers only.

** We do not provide any advertising support. You will have to find your own sponsoror.

*** In case we decide to insert an ad within a blogger's article, at our discretion, we will pay the blogger some portion of that particular ad revenue. This solely applies to the ads that are inserted as images or sliders within your article only and not anywhere else on the website for which the blogger will not be paid. This feature can be taken away by us at any time at our discretion and the user has no right to protest. This is an experimental feature of our service. Generally, the article will have to be very popular for us to consider it to be eligible.

**** Collect money at the door for your events. We are working on the online payment system for events but have no launch date for it yet.

Make friends and followers




Create groups & spark collaborations. Create open, closed or invite-only groups

Create announcements, start a group discussion and make a collaborative to-do list

Built-in private messaging

Group chat: invite multiple users to host a group chat

File sharing: share files, photos or documents within the conversation

Like a post, drop a comment or repost in your own profile

Customizable privacy: Control who sees your post; everyone, site members, friends or only yourself. You can selectively pick friends who can see your post too.



Modern simple to use editor









No need of learning HTML codes to get your content looking fancy


Select blocks and design the layout that expresses you


Save the layouts as templates to use later


Insert image gallaries and videos with few clicks


Host your media on our server or use public streaming services such as YouTube



















Sharing restriction for your content






Dashboard for Bloggers to manage content






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